An Entrepreneur’s Checklist to Kick-off a Profitable New Year

2019-01-10T16:43:43-06:00 January 10th, 2019|ODDS Blogs|

Every business should be ramping up their strategies for the new year. You still have time to create a plan for success. Try following this checklist that our Director of Customer Experience, Simone Jackson put together for the new year.

  1. Check every page of your website for errors and changes – if you have no website, get one built

The more attention you pay to all the little details, the better! This type of project requires close, efficient communication among many different people and teams don’t try and tackle this task on your own. Make a project management checklist for the website audit to make execution easier.

Make sure to address:

– What content needs to be rewritten for better search optimization and consumer engagement?

– What calls to action need to be revised or added to achieve optimal awareness across your intended audience? Make a master list of the items you need for your website and set hard deadlines for when they should be completed by team members. It usually takes a lot of people to launch a website so in relaunching, you want to make sure to think about everything that will get your company better noticed and understood. You want to have the right people in place doing the right things. Content marketing experts writing the content; designers choosing images and laying out the overall look and feel; a technical team doing all the back-end development and testing forms; etc. To ensure everyone’s on the same page and that there is no confusion in roles, you’ll want to lay out a comprehensive plan for what each team or person is responsible for, then execute the plan.

2. Build your team

No team equals no dream! You can be a serial workaholic, but you as an entrepreneur need people, being an entrepreneur is a team sport. We choose character over talent any day. You can have all the talent in the world but those people may not have the character to support your business. Choose an OK trainable sales guy with great character over an off the charts sales guru who lies, cheats, steals and smells bad to boot.

3. Automate & add in software + systems for efficiency and leverage

Adding in CRM or ERP systems can help keep up the everyday work and rapid growth you want your business to see this year. ODDS Marketing uses software by Stemmons, and customized by Centristics to help us stay organized and it automates a ton of our processes. Systems and software help you stay organized, on task and complete more work in an efficient way. If you don’t already have software in place, 2019 may be the perfect time to get your technology up to date or revamped.

4. Create your 2019 Business Development Plan

By definition, a Business Development Plan is a “document that outlines how you plan to implement your business development strategy.” It can be a plan for an entrepreneur, a practice for your company or the firm as a whole. Its scope covers both the marketing and sales functions of a business, as they are intertwined in most professional services firms. If you haven’t built out your strategy for 2019, start that process right away. It is critical to the success of your company.

5. Create your 2019 Marketing Plan

By definition, a marketing plan is a “comprehensive document or blueprint that outlines a business advertising and marketing efforts for the coming year.” 2019 is well underway, so this should be a huge priority for your business. A well-devised marketing plan will describe business activities involved in accomplishing specific marketing objectives within a set time frame and coordinate with sales goals.

It’s easy to forget to plan, but when you begin the year with one, you are more likely to grow your business and reach your goals. If you need some help, contact us at (877) 633-7899 or visit to learn more about our services and see our work.