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Project Description


Brand development and marketing implementation for a leading Houston dermatology practice.


Bellaire Dermatology is an advanced, authoritative leader in its field. Their experts offer a full range of services from cosmetic enhancements to medical and surgical procedures. ODDS had to make each service that Bellaire Dermatology offered clear and easy to find for varying audience members. As an added requirement, ODDS also had to ensure that Bellaire Dermatology positioned well for beauty services without presenting itself as a day spa, a common mistake for companies in the medical skin care industry.

The old Bellaire Dermatology logo failed to capture the spirit of the brand; it’s subdued color palette and logo comprised of shapes with hard edges alluded in no way to the company’s focus on beauty or medical complexity. Not only did the design lack direction, but the website’s limited information on certain topics and architectural shortcomings also made it difficult for prospective patients to fully understand the complete breadth of the company’s services. Bellaire Dermatology also had previously failed to consider the long term branding implications of some of its more subtle brand decisions, such as adding “and Associates” to the end of their name, which rather than making them look more professional accomplished the opposite.

By updating Bellaire Dermatology’s look, website, and name, ODDS assured that the Dermatology experts would be more identifiable to more and more satisfied patients.


ODDS Brand Marketing positioned Bellaire Dermatology to successfully expand their market.

  • Refreshed Logo to show the depth of the practice’s service line.
  • Built website to make finding all the services the practice offered quick and easy.
  • Completed full refresh of all marketing materials – folder, inserts, stickers, etc.
  • Bolstered SEO for new website to expand web presence.
  • Complete brand refresh demonstrating Bellaire Dermatology’s broad range of services and authority in the market.
  • Revamped website with more robust SEO capabilities and user experience functionality, including a text location finder function.
  • Determined most effective course for Bellaire Dermatology’s ongoing marketing efforts by conducting a brand analysis using The Brand MapTM.


Brand Naming & Messaging, Brand Strategy & Management, Brand-Centric Printing, Content Writing, Creative Design, Design Support, Email Marketing, Marketing Strategy & Research, Promotional & Specialty Products, Tracking & Reporting, Video & Animation, Web Support, Website Design & Development

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