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Project Description


Website build and brand consulting for a green chile fusion company.


When it comes to selling food, a delectable taste and inviting smell take you farther than anything else. But how do you bring the authenticity and intimacy of the farmer’s market to the web? How do you convey taste and smell, the product’s major selling points, online?

How do you sell green chiles on the internet?

That was the obstacle for The New Mexico Green Chile Company, a family-owned business seeking to expand their market while preserving a brand identity that remained true to their values. This southwestern staple partnered with ODDS to bring its flavor online through compelling visuals and content that let its personality shine through.

By refreshing their look and redesigning the website, we brought New Mexico spice to more and more satisfied customers.


ODDS overhauled the look of the New Mexico Green Chile Company with a brand refresh and website redesign:

  • Completed The Brand Map™ to determine unique market position
  • Developed a new website design that showcases the spirit of this brand
  • Incorporated sizzling food photography to engage customers and feature the versatility of their product
  • Added green chile recipes from Mama Stacy’s to better tell the story of The Green Chile Company
  • Integrated social media to strengthen the company’s online presence and communicate with customers
  • Updated content to present a polished and focused brand
  • Rebranded website for superior engagement and user experience.
  • Updated logo for broader market appeal while preserving existing brand equity.
  • Established a solid SEO foundation for the website to grow on.


Creative Design, Design Support, Tracking & Reporting, Web Support, Website Design & Development

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