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Project Description


Brand Map, logo, website design/development, SEO, content creation, social media platform development/management, and photo/video production for new DRA manufacturer entering the market.


Optum Energy Solutions was entering into a marketplace that was dominated by two legacy brands. Their goal was to improve manufacturing standards and increase lead time of the product to the market. We needed to position them as an authority in the space and highlight what the unique value of what they were doing and why it mattered to the customer.


ODDS created a look and feel for Avonak Distillery that inspired the customer to explore each flavor and its ties to Houston traditions.

  • Develop a powerful brand image, utilizing color, modern imagery, and design to connect audiences with Optum Energy’s state-of-the-art products and services.
  • Build meaningful keyword optimized content that not only connects and engages audiences but also ranks Optum Energy Solutions in search engines.
  • Produce video and photography to showcase Optum Energy’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, research and development labs, and hardworking employees.
  • Five months after launch, Optum was purchased by a legacy brand.
  • The VP of Business Development credits our teams’ ability to quickly display a strong brand position to the success in an acquisition.
  • The brand look and feel received much attention in the DRA industry.
  • SEO efforts were able to outrank the legacy brand in some cases, positioning Optum Energy to gain a significant share of voice in the market.


Brand Development, Marketing Strategy & Research, Creative Design, Design Support, Website Development, Web Support, SEO Research and Execution, Content Writing, Video Production, Social Media Management

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