Is Your Business Using The Right Social Media Platforms?

2018-07-31T10:42:53-05:00 July 31st, 2018|ODDS Blogs|

Does your business really need a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and a Google+ profile? The answer is, probably not.

Many businesses kick off their digital marketing efforts by creating a business page for every social media platform known to man, without the slightest idea how they are going to use each platform to elicit specific results for their companies. These pages typically end up being either a dead zone where nothing ever gets posted, or each profile becomes a clone of the next. The content gets copied and pasted to each page, at the same time, every week. Both of these outcomes are bad for your business.

Consumers perceive companies with dead pages (pages that have little to no activity on them) as less trustworthy and less successful companies. This is why it is so important for companies to only create social media profiles that they will use in a way that will be valuable to their business and customers. So how do you know which social media platforms will best suit the needs of your company?

The first important thing to understand is that information is digested by consumers differently on each social platform. Different types of people use each platform for different reasons and take in the content across them in specific ways.

Facebook is typically used throughout the day by people of all ages, industries, and financial standing. The persona of the facebook platform is informal. Facebook works very well for consumer goods but is less likely to convert potential customers to active customers for businesses whose sales cycles are longer. This does not mean that if your sales cycle is longer you shouldn’t have a facebook. Most companies who fall into the “long sales cycle” category should use facebook to cultivate their company culture by engaging with employees and prospective employees.

Twitter is also a highly used platform that is used throughout the day by people of all backgrounds. Like Facebook, is also a very informal platform. Most businesses do not use Twitter the right way. For example: #hashtags. There are very specific reasons and ways to use hashtags. An active Twitter account, when effectively managed, can be great for any type of business. It is better to have no Twitter page, than a poorly managed Twitter page.

The professional networking site, LinkedIn, is used by business professionals. Over sixty percent of LinkedIn users are over thirty years old. If this target age bracket meets your prospective customers, LinkedIn is a great platform for your business. LinkedIn’s persona is professional, with a majority of users logging in to find new career opportunities or make connections that further their sales network or professional network. LinkedIn can be tremendously valuable to the brand of your business in terms of both prospective customers and employees.

Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google? Did you ever notice that when you Google search something, videos show up in the search results at the top of the page before most actual web pages dedicated to your search? YouTube is the single most under-utilized social platform in existence for businesses. If your business isn’t on YouTube, it should be. Audiences of all ages, financial standing, and intention watch YouTube videos all day, everyday.

Instagram is the unicorn of social media. Did you know that the brain processes images sixty-thousand times faster than it does text? Ninety percent of instagram users are under the age of thirty-five. If your target consumer is under thirty-five, this is a good platform to invest some of your marketing time. Instagram is specifically useful to businesses who want to share their brand and company persona with customers. It is much more successful for product based companies. If your company has the bandwidth to keep the page active and engage with an audience, Instagram can be useful for all business types.

Your business needs to be on Google+. Period. Posting on Google+ will give your company greater search visibility, resulting in more relevant customers finding the information you are posting with greater ease.

Ultimately, it is up to you which social media platforms your company creates and uses on a regular basis. The purpose of this article is to elicit a higher level of thought on which platforms are worth the investment of time to create and engage with audiences for a specific and measurable result. Never create a page, simply for the sake of having a page. Digital marketing should be intentional.

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