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Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Offerings:
At ODDS Marketing, we offer customized online targeting through programmatic advertising. Imagine you could target users based on their entire online behavior and demographic profile. Imagine targeting users based on their GPS location history. ODDS Marketing can do all of that, and MORE! All of our campaigns come with fully transparent reporting and are a combination of AI learning and human optimization.

Our Campaign Quality:
To deliver better brand protection, better results and help deliver our performance guarantee ODDS Marketing does not buy Below The Fold Inventory. This greatly eliminates poor performing ad impressions.

Types of Targeting We Offer

Control frequency, limiting or increasing the number of times your ad is viewed.

Only interact with a user interested/viewing content relevant to the target consumer.

Control when a user is able to see your sale message.

Target consumers based on their behavior and tracked interest online.

Target a specific age, income and/or gender when trying to reach your consumers.

Target a user based on their location, available at zip, city, state, country and radius. Custom geo fencing also available.

Target a user based their computer location.

Advanced spatiotemporal mapping allows us to target devices seen at a specific location and date as recent as 5 days ago and as far back as one year.

This real-time, hyper-local geo-targeting allows you to serve ads to customers while they are at a specific location on a specific date or date range. Microproximity Targeting offers the ability to serve real-time ads based on a location of any device within a defined 100-1000 meter proximity or fence. It offers the ability to target outside the U.S.

Programmatic Email marketing is the new ‘direct mail’ without the postage. You can target the right consumers with the right message in order to get them to convert quickly or take action on your message.

Why Invest in Email Marketing?

  • Email newsletters can deliver $44 for every dollar spent. – LiveIntent
  • Email is cross-device and offers scale to reach anyone on any device
  • Works well with other platforms like retargeting, Device ID, and IP Targeting
  • Email is brand-safe and protected from fraud. Programmatic Email allows you to target the right audience with a message that is specific and unique to your business.



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