The Dos & Don’ts of Email Marketing

2018-09-20T15:46:07-05:00 September 21st, 2018|ODDS Blogs|

Email marketing can be extremely successful to your marketing campaigns, when done correctly. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your products or services. Want to know if you are doing the maximum to increase your ROI? ODDS Marketing has compiled a list of email marketing best and worst practices for you to review.

Worst Practices: “Don’t Do It”

  1. Focus solely on content creation
    • You’ve got great content, but you’re not invested in growing your audience and the amplification of it which is crucial.
  2. Ignore SEO
    • SEO is the most powerful marketing channel these days. If you aren’t using it then you are missing out on very powerful data. Only the best marketers are tracking user behavior on their site and using that data to send “super-targeted” messages to subscribers
  3. “Just blast away”
    • Don’t just end emails like rapid fire to everyone – make sure they’re relevant to each reader. Send them based on how they react.
  4. Send emails that offer too much information and little value
    • Ask a question in your email and be able to answer it within that email. You don’t want to overwhelm the reader with TOO much information or you will lose them. If you add value you are in turn getting the reader to trust you
  5. Send emails at bad times
    • Don’t send emails when people are busy or distracted. People may overlook the email, or open it and never go back to it. Sending an email on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 5 am is the best time
  6. Leave out a Call To Action button
    • There isn’t a call to action button. The email requests action by the reader, but these buttons must be placed in the right place thus offering more value to your websites visitors
  7. Ignore browsing activity
    • Ignoring relevant data that could be gathered by automation tools. For example: targeting a consumer but they are already a subscriber
  8. Overlook the data
    • If you are using automation tools do not forget about the data!!! These results will help you target your visitors more specifically; must analyze
  9. Have insufficient subject lines
    • The subject lines of your email will directly affect your open rate. These subject lines need to draw the reader in enough so they will open up your email. Beware of click bait!! In a recent study it was confirmed that its possible to improve your rates by 3x just by fixing the subject lines
  10. Send TOO many emails
    • Don’t bombard your subscribers’ inboxes with lots of emails. This will cause them to either unsubscribe or move you to spam
  11. Give up too soon
    • Many people get frustrated when they don’t see automatic results from the first round of their campaign. They must keep testing and changing their emails based on reactions from readers. Then results will start to pile in.

Best Practices: “Do It”

  1. Plan a schedule of emails
    • Make sure to have a detailed calendar/schedule of when you are going to send your emails. This is very important to keep everything organized.
  2. Use automation software
    • This is like a gold mine for marketers. It will save you TONS of time. For an automatic drip campaign- the first email goes out and depending on how your recipient interacts with it, a second, follow up, email is sent x amount of days later; especially for longer sales cycles
  3. Optimize for mobile devices
    • Everything now a days is mobile and everyone now a days is doing the majority of things through their phones. Make sure that these emails are formatted for mobile interface. According to techcrunch, 75% of people check their email on their phones
  4. Use the pyramid style of writing
    • Always put the most important and biggest news of your email first. This will entice the reader to keep on reading.
  5. Analyze marketing campaign results
    • If you are using an automated campaign, make sure you are analyzing the results it is providing you with. Tests these results as well to see what is working and what is not working
  6. Segment your lists
    • You need to get the right content to the right people. You can do this by taking demographics, interests and locations into account when sending emails out.. It will improve your conversion rate but also you can go deeper based on subscriber reactions as the campaign goes on. You do not want to send all of your readers everything. People like to feel special, they want personalization.
  7. Add fun and interesting visuals
    • No one wants to read a boring email with only plain text. People want eye candy. Posts with imagery get more attention than those without. Create video content, infographics, even memes and it will entice the reader more
  8. Keep the email clean
    • Your emails should be simple and minimal. Too much information or text will turn off your readers
  9. Have a goal in mind for each email
    • Each email should be goal-oriented such as information about the company, getting them to follow your social media or ask for referrals
  10. Make it simple to unsubscribe
    • This is a no-brainer. Make this an easy task for anyone that unfortunately wants to unsubscribe, preferably place this at the bottom of the email.
  11. Send one final email to re-engage
    • Keep your segmented lists up to date. If you notice one subscriber hasn’t opened multiple emails in a while, send out a re-engagement email with simple action that asks if they would like to keep receiving emails from your company

If you want to add some strategy in your email marketing efforts and maximize your ROI, contact ODDS Marketing. We can optimize your email marketing campaigns and get you the most bang for your buck.