What is SEO & Why Do I Need It?

2018-08-03T14:25:24-05:00 August 3rd, 2018|ODDS Blogs|

“Search Engine Optimization” or “SEO” is the process in which online entities and/or people create digital strategy for greater search visibility online. What is search visibility? Search visibility is whether or not your website or online business listings appears when a user searches specific keywords. There are three core components to “SEO”: Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Local SEO (business listing in the local 3-pack), and Organic SEO (website search listings that come up when related keywords are searched).

The first component, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is comprised of paid ads like Google PPC, Google Shopping, etc. While this is not directly defined as SEO, it is a solid & complementary part of an SEO digital strategy. When a user searches for something online, generally these ads will be the first results that appear at the top of the results page. These results are defined as paid ads with a “flag” next to them that says something like, “AD”. Paid ads play a role in overall SEO strategy. When set up properly (and yes, that is something WE DO), they drive relevant traffic to your website, which increases your page rank. Having a high page rank then results in greater search visibility in Organic & Local search queries.

Local SEO is the process by which your business listing is optimized to appear in the “Local 3 Pack” on Google (for example), within a certain radius of where you are searching from. Local SEO is mostly optimized for mobile, but is present on desktop searches as well. Usually, when a user makes a search query, the Google Business Listings will appear below the paid ads. They will have prompts for calling, directions, photo view, reviews, and more. At ODDS Marketing, we provide a proprietary process for claiming and optimizing your business listings so that you appear in the Local 3 Pack for relevant search queries. It is important to make sure your business information is exactly the same wherever it appears on the web. Having inconsistent business listings confuses search engines, which decreases your overall search visibility,

Organic SEO refers to website search listings that are not paid ads and not in the Local Business pack. Google commonly makes algorithm changes which affect Organic presence, and can make it very complicated to increase your search presence. As trusted marketers, we at ODDS Marketing are always a step ahead so we know to shift digital strategy when these changes happen. Organic SEO is probably the most technical and the most complicated of all the SEOs. If you own an Italian restaurant, and you want your website to appear when someone searches “best Italian food near me”, you need to make sure your on-page SEO is set up properly. On-site SEO refers to the coding of the backend of your website. If it is not optimized properly, chances are your website will not appear in the search results. Probably the two biggest things that affect Organic SEO are content creation and activity on social media channels. We have all heard it: “content is king”, and it truly is. By having custom content on your website that can educate, inspire, and answer consumers, you then provide a nice experience on your website which keeps users there longer, and awards you with greater search visibility. At ODDS Marketing, we create SEO focused content for your website as well as complete all the necessary coding on your site to get you ranking! Voila!